XL Air Curtain

JS Air Curtains is launching the most powerful industrial air curtain available in the UK, for use on warehouse and factory doorways up to 7m high. The Windbox XL has a massive maximum airflow of 21,000m³/h and a maximum heat output of 93kW. This very high capacity enables it to be used on large loading bay or industrial doorways to create an effective seal that prevents cold air from entering or refrigerated air from escaping.

By installing an air curtain on external doorways the internal temperature of a building can be maintained while the door is open, saving on heating or refrigeration costs. This can create a more comfortable environment for staff or a more consistent environment for temperature sensitive produce. Using air curtains on internal doorways removes the need for plastic slats or fast acting roller doors, whilst improving access and visibility.

The Windbox XL is available in ½m lengths from a 1m unit to a 3m unit. It can be mounted horizontally above a doorway up to 7m high or vertically at the sides of an entrance up to 14m wide (when positioning units on both sides).

Its casing is zinc plated steel, finished in structural epoxy-polyester RAL 9016 (white) as standard. Any other RAL colour or stainless steel construction is also available on request.

The air curtain has a wall-mounted five speed controller, with 20m of plug and play RJ45 cable for easy installation, or can be controlled via BMS. It incorporates low noise centrifugal double inlet fans driven by an external rotor motor with built-in thermal protection. A micro-perforated inlet grille acts as an air filter to stop airborne debris from entering the unit and adjustable vanes on the air outlets allow the airflow to be directed from 0 to 15º, for creating an optimum seal across an entrance.

The Windbox XL is available with electrical heating, water heated coils or in air only models.

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