New Warehouse Air Curtain

JS Air Curtains has launched a powerful new air curtain for warehouse and factory doorways. The Max is capable of sealing large entrances with an invisible barrier of air that prevents cold air from entering while the doorway is open and in use. This helps maintain a comfortable temperature within a warehouse, thus increasing safety and efficiency, as well as reducing heating costs.

The Max can deliver a massive 6,764m³ of air per metre of air curtain. This enables it to seal doorways up to 8m high when mounted horizontally above an entrance or 16m wide when mounted vertically to the sides. When stacked vertically, the Max is suitable for any height of doorway.

Heavy casing made of double chamber aluminium profiles and galvanised steel panels provide a durable exterior. The Max is available in lengths from 1.2m to 3.5m and comes as standard in white (RAL 9016) with any RAL colour being supplied on request.

Units can incorporate electric heating or a low pressure hot water (LPHW) heat exchanger. Air only models are also available. Electrically heated models will supply up to 31kW of heat per metre section while the LPHW (80/60°C) units provide up to 36kW per metre.

Low noise axial fans, driven by an external rotor motor with built-in thermal contact protection, provide five speed operation. As there are no air filters to clean, the Max air curtain is maintenance-free.

Adjustable aluminium blow-out vanes allow the air to be angled in order to provide the best possible seal across a doorway.

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Stacked vertically mounted

Max air curtain

Vertical Max air curtain

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