Optima Recessed Air Curtain

The Optima Recessed air curtain is an economic solution for suspended ceiling systems. It is available in single or three phase power options in either 1m,1.5m and 2m lengths.

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Finesse Suspended Ceiling Air Curtain

A discreet and high-performance recessed air curtain suitable for a range of environments from banks and boutiques to shopping centres and airports.

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Which recessed air curtain is right for my project?

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Windbox Suspended Ceiling Air Curtain

This attractive air curtain, for use in suspended ceilings, has separated air intake and outlets in order to avoid circulation of air. This increases efficiency of the unit and maintains a strong seal across a doorway.

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Invisair Concealed Air Curtain

The Invisair air curtain has been designed for applications where the body of the unit is to be installed inside a column or bulkhead for architectural reasons.

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Windbox Concealed Mounted Air Curtain

The Windbox Concealed Mounted air curtain offers a functional design with many features, from energy saving controls to special finishes.

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