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JS Air Curtains has recently supplied and installed a Windbox 18kW air curtain at the Esprit store in Covent Garden, London. The air curtain was specified for the installation by consulting engineers E&M Tecnica of Surrey.

The two metre air curtain allows Esprit to leave their front doors invitingly open to passing trade whilst also maintaining a pleasant internal environment. The stylish unit creates a wall of heated air in the winter to keep the cold air out, and a wall of ambient air in the summer to keep the air conditioned air in.

The Windbox air curtain range is available in any RAL colour or stainless steel. It has double low noise centrifugal inlet fans driven by an external rotor motor, which provides up to five speed selection. A micro-perforated air inlet grille acts as a particle filter and reduces servicing to just a periodic wipe or vacuum.

The air curtain can be mounted horizontally above a door up to 3.5m in height or vertically at the sides of doors up to 7m wide, with one at each side. The control panel has plug and play RJ45 leads and comes with 20m of telephonic cable so it can be mounted out of sight, in a different room or behind a desk.

Heating can be supplied by either low pressure hot water, with outputs up to 29kW, or electric heating, with outputs up to 32kW. The Windbox air curtain is available in 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 2.5m models.

The air curtain project at Esprit was managed by JS Air Curtains’ in-house installation department. A complete service is provided to ensure the customer is guided through the installation of their air curtain from system design to product training. This includes agreeing exact specifications prior to installation, a step-by-step method statement for the project, detailed scheduling, risk assessment, and a post installation trouble-shooting and handover meeting.

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