Bespoke Air Curtain at Banqueting Hall

JS Air Curtains has supplied a 2m bespoke Zen air curtain to the Manzil Banqueting Hall in Manchester. On the inner facing side the air curtain incorporates an Exit sign plus four clocks, showing the time in Manchester, Mecca, Medina and Islamabad, and on the outward fascia the air curtain has an illuminated Welcome sign.

Manzil Banqueting Hall is one of Manchester’s most prestigious restaurant and conference venues and can seat up to 1,000 diners in two lavish halls. The Zen air curtain is situated on the main entrance, protecting the reception area from the outside elements whilst also acting as an architectural and functional element.

Amir Salim, Director at Manzil commented, “The Manzil Banqueting Hall has a modern, contemporary design and we needed an air curtain to suit the attractive entrance. We were unable to source a suitable standard model so were very happy when we found the bespoke Zen air curtain from JS Air Curtains.

“The design was brilliant. JS produced pre-assembly visuals so we could see what the finished article would look like and it was built and delivered on time, to specification and within budget.”

The central structure of the Zen air curtain is zinc plated steel finished in black as standard, although any RAL colour is available on request. The front and rear fascia panels are anodized aluminium with options for brushed or polished stainless steel or wood. The fascia panels are fully customizable and can carry signs, logos or other elements, such as the clocks used at The Manzil Banqueting Hall.

The air curtain at Manzil is electrically heated with an 18kW heater but the Zen is also available in water-heated and air-only models. The Zen will protect doorways up to 3.5m high and is available in 0.5m lengths from 1 to 2.5m. Wider doorways can still be accommodated by situating multiple units next to each other, all operational from an individual controller or BMS.

Double inlet centrifugal fans with external rotor motors provide the airflow. Outputs range from 1,875 to 6,475m³/h with five speed options.

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Bespoke Zen air curtain

Incorporating exit sign and four clocks

Zinc plated steel finish

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