JS Air Curtains are blooming at Cannon Hall Garden Centre

The company’s quick response and cost effective products made JS Air Curtains the ideal retrofit choice to protect the customers from chilly drafts at Cannon Hall Garden Centre, located in the picturesque village of Cawthorne in South Yorkshire.

As they opened, the automatic sliding doors at the main entrance into Cannon Hall wafted in bitterly cold winds, bringing down the ambient temperature throughout the garden centre to an uncomfortable level for both customers and employees.

Seeking a retrofit solution, Cannon Hall Garden Centre’s owner, Deborah Robinson, approached a number of companies and was impressed by the speedy response of JS Air Curtains, who suggested a cost effective and attractive Mini Optima.

“The entrance vestibule always felt so cold; not very welcoming for our customers. We needed a warming solution that could be easily retrofitted, complemented our existing décor and provided adequate heating to increase the comfort level within the garden centre,” explained Deborah. “JS Air Curtains was the first manufacturer to respond to my enquiry. Its Mini Optima met our budget and proved ideal. The air curtain from JS was a perfect and easy fit while looking stylish and unobtrusive.”

Offered in several lengths, the Mini Optima air curtain is available as a single or three-phase unit, making installation simple. Heating can be via LPHW or an electric heater, as in the case of Cannon Hall, and it is also available as an air only model. Adjustable outlets enable the airflow to be directed at an angle to give a tight seal across the doorway.

The casing is constructed of zinc plated steel and comes in white RA9016 as standard with other colours available on request. A micro-perforated inlet grille will filter the air entering the unit, avoiding the need to routinely replace or clean internal air filters. All the inlet grille requires for maintenance is a wipe or vaccuum occasionally. The air curtain is supplied with a wall mounted control panel, hand held remote and 7m of plug and play RJ45 lead to connect it to the air curtain. The unit can also be connected to BMS. It has low noise twisted cross-flow fans driven with a two speed external rotor motor. The Mini Optima's power connections are made on the top of the unit, avoiding the need to open the casing to wire it in.

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